Three Roles In Alternative Dispute Resolution

Next is the mediator panel. Their purpose is to represent the sides that are present; the parties that are in dispute. They are to act as the ‘middle ground’, too, to give a fair representation of the parties in disagreement. They are also to observe an unbiased view of the cases brought forth and give their most earnest opinions on the matter to help the cases along. The aim is to bring about a resolution that is without emotion.

How To Become A Solid Adjudicator

At times, the issue isn’t as apparent as you think. Some of the issues run deeper than they let on. Sitting down with your clients or parties and listening to their side of the story is a good way to deal with the matter. As an adjudicator, your aim is not to be an arbitrary force, but to provide a source of mediation. You provide a mediation centre for structured and conducive discourse between disputing clients. As an adjudicator, your word is not final. Adjudication is different from arbitration. That is why, in your instance, you have the ability to make suggestions and coax good relations. You are an investigative body that can look into matters more deeply and uproot any foul play that may have occurred on the side of either party.

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