Some Preservation Tips Of Your Food To Last Longer

Different foods have a different shelf life. Do not think that you can just stick food in the fridge and leave it alone. Try to follow the different days of refrigeration for different foods below to avoid food spoilage or even poisoning.

1. Keep nuts airtight

Although most nuts are dried, they can still deteriorate due to moisture and microbial growth in the air. And some of the nuts are spoilt with substances such as aflatoxin, which is extremely harmful to the human body. Nuts are not as resistant to preservation as we think, the best way or sealed, try to empty the bag of oxygen, sachet, the lower the oxygen content of the sachet, the better.

2. Keep fruit and vegetables separate

Fruits and vegetables need to be stored separately in an airtight container, Tupperware airtight container would be the best choice for you and even some type of fruit and another fruit are best not to be placed together, as some fruits release ethylene, a substance commonly used to promote ripening, so vegetables and fruits interact with each other, making ripening and rot faster. The common ones, such as apples and bananas, release ethylene. 

3. Dry the vegetables before placing them in the fridge

We are used to washing vegetables before putting them in the fridge, but as most people wash vegetables well and put them directly into the fridge by hanging water, this is very easy to cause decay, so the best way, is to wash the vegetables and place them in the fridge after shading and drying the water stains. This will not affect the taste due to the lack of moisture from drying out, and will also extend the shelf life.

4. Frozen food, kept in separate bags for each use

For example, if you buy a large piece of beef and put it in the freezer for storage, this is fine, but as you can only eat part of it at a time, you will take the whole thing out to defrost, then cut off part of it and take the rest back to the freezer to freeze. This makes it easy for microorganisms to grow and the repeated thawing and then freezing of the food has a significant impact on the taste of the food.

5. Put two paper towels in the bag when keeping mushrooms fresh

Fresh mushrooms are rich in water, so if you put them directly into the freezer to keep them fresh, it is easy to cause the whole mushroom to yellow or even deteriorate due to the water seeping out, so if you want to keep them fresh, it is best to put two pieces of paper towels in the bag to absorb the evaporated water, which will help extend the shelf life.

The most effective way of preserving your food is to control the portion size and try not to stock up on too much at home. After all, it’s the freshness of ready-to-eat that’s best.