Why Is Raising A Child So Expensive

A child is never easy or cheap to raise. Diapers cost money and they have to eat, drink and survive. According to the annual breakdown of the child-raising costs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, parents now roughly spend $13,290 a year to raise a child. A mother spends more at Lansinoh Mother Care Essentials than on herself. So, here is a bigger picture of what you’re going to be spending on your child:


The whole process of being pregnant and giving birth already costs so much now compared to back in the day. It’s understandable that birthing a child would take a lot of effort from doctors or nurses but the one who’s doing most of the work is the mother. Mothers giving birth experience one of the most excruciating pains of all time and, in some unfortunate situations, even result in death. So, why do they have to pay so much? This is one of the flaws of our healthcare system. They charge people so much for simply wanting to get treated and survive. This is why a lot of people do not go to clinics or hospitals. It’s already so costly to be living, why add more costs when we’re just trying to survive? A majority of people in poverty don’t even get to experience proper childbirth and don’t receive proper healthcare. 

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Housing And Child Care

Of course, a child would need a home. When you have a child, a basic apartment or studio apartment rarely ever is enough. You would at least need a large space so that your child and move around, learn to crawl and eventually learn to walk. This is part of the reason why it should be taught that if you are not financially stable enough, do not have kids. If you are barely surviving on your own or with a partner with a minimum wage, consider birth control and try to not have a child until you are financially stable enough. A baby needs more than just love, attention and breastmilk. They need healthcare like vaccines and such, they need food later on. Not just any food either. You would have to purchase the right kind of ready-made food or ingredients so you can make the right food for them. That’s only when they’re babies, though. These are all the other expenses:

Other Expenses

When they grow up, you are obligated to get them an education as their parent. Education is not even near cheap, especially nowadays. Moreover, education isn’t something you pay for once and it’s over. It’s an ongoing process right up until your child gets a job. So, until that moment, you are obligated to support your child for whatever they need to survive. Food, water, housing, clothes and other stuff they need as well. 

The most important thing to remember as a parent is that your child did not choose to be born. You made the choice to have them. Logically, you have to do or spend whatever it takes to give them a good life.