Navigating Sunway as a Newcomer

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If you have ever found yourself atop metal deck roofing Malaysia you probably had an idea of how small the world looked from above, yet you were well aware of its expanse all round. The same vertigo one may feel looking down from a balcony, awards a sense of power to another. 

Malaysia is a rich tapestry of buildings that tell different stories and speculate events uniquely. Sunway is no exception. It stretches for kilometres on end with buildings so small they almost disappear from the eye, and some so tall they touch the low-lying clouds that bring rain. As a newcomer to Sunway it is dumbfounding, and to its inhabitants it is simply Sunway– a small town packed with buildings like building blocks. 

It is certainly better to prepare prior to a trip. It is advisable to search up where you are headed, especially if you are still new to the area. Looking it up before your trip, finding out the places close to it and deciding your mode of transport can be a time-saver and prevent much confusion; however, sometimes out of the eagerness to explore, we can forget these measures and head out without much consideration.

With so many options of places to go it can be easy to get lost and disoriented, but there are numerous sites that can help point you in the right direction, like the glass pyramid sitting on top of the Sunway Pyramid mall. Tall buildings work well as location markers. Others include the condominiums scattered all over Sunway and with the way buildings are interconnected in Sunway, it won’t take long to find your way back to where you need to go.

Sometimes it is difficult to spot the tall buildings because of the massive foliage and construction sites, so setting your sights on lower structures may be helpful. For example, there are often food trucks lining up outside university gates or perhaps you could look out for the lively Rock Café that is in close range to the universities to feed the hungry students after long days of studying or to provide a hang-out spot for friends. 

Finding your way around Sunway can also be done by using the helpful Sunway transport. The free shuttle service follows a specific route, so if you find one of its bus stops you can browse the printed route or simply wait for the shuttle and drop off at a place more familiar or closer to where you are headed. Another transport service is the BRT– an overhead transitway service with specific drop off points. This can be useful for navigation. 

Taking pictures may prove useful to retrace your steps or learn the different routes around you. Another option for the more social folk is to ask people around you– security guards, shopkeepers and restaurant staff are often nearby and willing to help.