Myths About Getting Vaccinated

In light of the recent ongoing pandemic, there has been a release of several vaccinations people can receive to fight off the virus. However, people are sceptical due to myths about getting vaccinated. People are sometimes wary of modern medicine in general like the effectiveness of the best liver specialist in Malaysia.

This scepticism on vaccines have existed for ages now and a lot of the concerns are not even scientifically proven. In fact, a lot of the myths have been scientifically proven to be false anyway yet people are still sceptic because the reality is that it is hard to change people’s minds. Nevertheless, I am here to debunk those myths and tell you the truth:

Vaccines Cause Autism 

As a matter of fact, there is no proven relationship of any vaccine being the cause of autism. This myth is very popular among parents who are against getting their child vaccinated. They claim that the vaccines will cause a stunt of growth or even autism when in reality, that is not true at all. There is not even a scientific theory mentioning how vaccines are a possible cause of autism. Moreover, the way this myth started as a red flag from the beginning due to the fact that a doctor in the late 1990s hypothesized that vaccines could be the cause of autism. After further research, the person has been revoked of their medical licence. This further proves that you should not believe that myth. 

Don’t Worry, You Can Get Your Vaccine Later

A lot of people argue that vaccines should not be given so early in life because it may cause possible negative side effects on children. However, study shows that diseases are more lethal among the younger. That is exactly the reason why vaccines are usually given in batches during the early stages of one’s life, which is when you’re a baby. Vaccines help boost your immune system and strengthens your antibody so that you are less likely to catch any deadly diseases. It’s like introducing your immune system to something foreign and letting it know, “if you see bacterias like this, destroy them”.

Vaccines Cause What They’re Supposed To Prevent

As mentioned in the previous article, vaccines are meant to boost your immune system and strengthens its walls so that bad bacteria or viruses will not be able to infect your body. The main reason that proves vaccines do not cause what they are supposed to prevent is the fact that they do not even contain any active viruses. They simply introduce the inactive viruses to your immune system so that it knows what to fight against. 

Not Getting My Vaccination Only Affects Me

This is the most frustrating myth ever. This is very popular among what people these days call, anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxxers is a modern term used to label people who are against vaccines. It’s frustrating because when you choose to not get vaccinated or decide that your child will not be vaccinated, it exposes you and other people to viruses or bad bacteria. Thus, it will be harder to achieve herd immunity. 

We have to achieve herd immunity so that we can work as chefs or any other job like normal again.