Keeping Your Baby Safe At Home

newborn starter pack

The list below is part of any newborn starter pack. From birth to the age of two months, babies grow exponentially, and when your baby comes home you want them to be safe in any way possible. We think babies don’t quite understand the environment they are entering, but in actuality, they slowly take in the newness of the outside from the moment they open their eyes. Their senses are creating paths to understanding their needs and what is going to give them comfort when they cry. That’s why mothers can tell apart the cry for food from the cry for a diaper change. Babies are learning. Growth is imminent, and with growth comes more caution. As the baby starts to move around more and see more, their curiosity also grows and it comes down to the parents to make sure that even from the moment of arrival, that the home is a good place for the baby to be curious without any harm.


In the movies, the stairs are always a big concern for parents, because babies and toddlers can be clumsy and fall down them and to avoid any kind of incident, they have a small partition installed– a gate or grid that is child-proof and can only be opened by older children or parents. But at 2 months, babies still aren’t able to crawl, and the gate acts as a brigade against animals in the house. If you have a dog or a cat try to barricade your child’s room or the stairs to make sure that they are not able to get to your child. While animals and babies have the cutest bond, sometimes their playfulness can be disruptive, or their fur can cause sinus problems. 

newborn starter pack

Playpen with baby cushion

Consider buying your baby a play pen. While a day-old baby certainly has no need for one, at two months, babies are learning to recognise their own body; their arms and feet fascinate them and they grab and tug at things that attract their attention. Table clothes and any low-hanging objects are in trouble, and more importantly, so is your baby. A play pen with a baby cushion, however, keeps your baby in a cushioned area where they are not able to roll out or feel discomfort because they are made to be soft against the pressure of the body. 


At this time, where babies’ hands grab at things and put them in their mouths, small objects are a serious hazard. Anything small enough to place in their mouth can risk choking them. Invest in plush toys instead that are easy to disinfect and are also too big to place in their mouth. It keeps your little one entertained while ensuring that their hands are kept busy. Certified baby stores often have just what you need.