Developing A Unique Brand Identity 

A unique brand identity goes a long way, especially in today’s world of cutthroat competitiveness among businesses. Millions are doing the same thing you do, selling the same thing and using your same suppliers, and making the products even cheaper. With the pandemic, the number of people doing businesses has increased as they look for another source of income, however, for many that money goes down the drain. Simply because they could not differentiate from the competition. 

Brand identity is significant because it is what creates an impression on people. Brand identity is something entirely perceived by people based on our consistent efforts to emphasize position perception. This includes using visuals of the company such as brand logo, brand name, colors, shapes, messages, tone, and even customer service. While many interchanges the name brand identity with brand image, it is most certainly not the same thing. Brand image is a close brand identity and one cannot do without the other. Brand image is the perception of the brand in the customer’s mind. Brand identity is how we visually create the brand for the customer’s eye. 

There are so many benefits of having a brand identity. This is proven by not only one or two businesses but by the thousands of the most successful ones. Big brand names such as Apple showed the fruitful results of having consistent branding and building brand identity around their products. It is not the product itself people buy when they purchase from apple. They get the logo, the label and the sleekness of the brand image. Apple told us one thing for sure. A good brand image generates sales. And at the end of the day when it comes to business, our end goal is sales. 

Besides sales and generating revenue, let’s take a look at some of the more significant reasons why you should take a closer look at your brand identity. What do you get out of consistent efforts to build one?

Long-Lasting Relationship With Customers 

Sales should not be our only end goal when it comes to business. Short-term sales may be beneficial but it is only by building long-lasting relationships with customers you can ensure long-term success and consistent sales for the future. You can only build a loyal customer base with the help and aid of brand identity. This is what gives them the reassurance of having a quality and a reliable brand to fall back on. They trust you to make good choices for them even if a thousand others are making them the same products and so on. 

Loyalty comes when people resonate with you. And people resonate with personalities more than they resonate with a materialistic product. What does your brand personality look like and feel like in the minds of your customer? You can build this personality from scratch with the help of a good brand identity. 

Bring The Brand A Personality 

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