How Your Grocery List Transforms Your Skin 

You are what you eat. We have heard this on more than one occasion. Maybe it is not a fact that we would like to entirely believe because we love our daily dose of pastramis and fried chicken. We love experimenting and cooking in the kitchen to make many different desserts.

But we also know how all different kinds of food affect our weight and our body shape. But do we know about its effect on the health of our skin? 

What’s the correlation between healthy glowing skin and the grocery list we have? Many skin experts say that what we eat is reflected in our skin. The amount of vitamin C we intake and the amount of oily food we eat have a good impact on the dewy and healthy complexity.

It changes how our body produces sebum, breakout, and plays around whiteheads and blackheads. It may have little to no effect on cystic acne but it has a great deal to do with the outward brightness, hydration, and glowy look. So next time your prepare for fresh groceries delivery Kuala Lumpur, take a good revaluation of the grocery list! 

Higher Sugar Content Can Age You 

Did you know that people with higher blood sugar levels look visibly older than those with a lower blood sugar level? Our sugar content has a great impact on the skin. Sugar can easily damage the elasticity of our skin by damaging collagen and elastin.

These two are the building blocks of your skin and without them, your skin cannot hold off on the early onset of wrinkles.  Sugar damages these building blocks by attaching to these blocks of proteins and producing a substance called advanced glycation end products. 

Fruits And Vegetables To Get Your Dose Of Vitamin A

If you have not heard of the importance of vitamin A for our skin, let’s hear it today! Vitamin A is crucial to anti-aging. All dermatologists and skin gurus around the world recommend stocking up on retinol and retinoid, which contain vitamin A, in our early twenties as well. Lathering on vitamin A content is important but it is also equally important to include it in our diet.

Vitamin A is tied to the production of skin cells. They encourage the growth and regeneration of new skin cells. Dewy skin is not possible without the aid of vitamin A. some vitamin A vegetables and fruits include spinach, carrots, papaya, eggs, milk, dark orange-fleshed fruits, mangoes, and pumpkins. 

Replace Bad Carbs With Good Carbs 

Bad carbs are not only bad for your skin. They are bad for our bloodstream, weight, and body shape. Bad carbs can destroy heart health as well as other organs of your body. It is important to recognize your dose of good carbs to add to your grocery list as it has a great deal of impact on your skin’s healthy complexion.

Many carbohydrate additions in our life are loaded with tons of sugar which again is bad for our skin. So it is important to make sure our carbohydrate load is in moderation and balanced along with protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairy.