Planning and Marketing Advice For a Business

Almost everyone will tell you that having a job is the safest way to earn money. But if you listen to the most successful people, you will find them encouraging people to start their own business and become their own boss. In this article, we have prepared some basic advice for planning and marketing a small business. Down below we have written the basic steps of starting a business:


  • Choose a Name:

The very first step to start a business is choosing a name for it. Choosing a name might not look a big deal to many of people but trust us, it holds a lot of importance to it. It is the name that will become your ultimate identity. Therefore, choose a catchy and attractive name for your business that has some essence of your business products or services in it. 

  • Research Supplies:

Now, the next step is to research your supplies. What kind of things you need to have to run your business smoothly. Research their costs and set a rough estimate for it. 

  • Estimate Startup Costs:

Budget is the ultimate thing that troubles small business owners as they usually have a tight budget. Sit calmly and estimate your business startup costs and meticulously plan your budget. 

  • Estimate Manufacturing Costs:

Estimate your product manufacturing costs and make a plan for it. Prepare a detailed plan on how many things you need to develop your product and how much you would be spending on it. 

  • Research Competitors:

Research your competitors in the local market and see what kind of services they are providing. Try your best to find out their strengths and weaknesses so that you can plan accordingly. It will help you plan your business strategies in a better way. 

  • Research Pricing For Items:

After researching your local market and competitors, research pricing for items as well. Decide what pricing you would be using for your products. 


Marketing is the most important step in this modern age of technology and the internet. Without marketing, you might not be able to reach a vast number of potential customers. Down below, we have mentioned some ways to promote your business. 

  • Create a Website:

A business website is the easiest way to reach a vast number of potential customers who are available online. A website is what gives your business an online presence and expands your reach. Therefore, you must develop a business website for finding new potential clients or customers. Jumix design and help you design an attractive and engaging website as they are the best website design company in Penang.

  • Create a Business Email:

Create a business email for your business where you can reach the potential customers and customers can reach you for any request and queries. 

  • Create Social Media Accounts:

For cost-effective and easy marketing, create social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc, have become a tool for marketing and promoting businesses.