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Lying 12 km to the north of Mount Kinabalu, cloaked in cloud and mist, Mount Tambuyukon at 2579 meters (8462 feet) is the third highest mountain in Sabah and Malaysia. Sabah is home to Malaysia's three highest mountains. Mount Kinabalu (4095 m or 13,436 ft) is  well-known as the highest point in South East Asia between the Himalayas and the mountains of New Guinea; it is famous for the sheer majesty and grandeur of its granite peaks and its immense biodiversity. Mount Trusmadi (2642m or 8669ft), the second highest peak, located in Tambunan district, and Mount Tambuyukon in Ranau district are much less frequented because of their remote location.
TambuyukonMount Tambuyukon, a twin peaked mountain which, from a distance, looks like the double hump of a buffalo immersed in murky waters, lies between the boundaries of Kinabalu Park. Climbers, therefore, need to obtain permission from Sabah Parks to ascend this mountain.